The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the closure of the University due to inclement weather and emergencies.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Adelphi University to protect its human and physical assets and ensure continued operations during and after all manner of emergencies, whether natural or manmade, by implementing appropriate emergency management policies, plans, and procedures designed to ensure the University’s ability to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies.

Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the closure, delay, or early dismissal of the University due to inclement weather and other emergencies.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Students


Closure, delays, and early dismissals at the University will be implemented only under emergency conditions. Every effort will be made to maintain classes and all employees are expected to report to work unless they specifically hear otherwise. However, when health or safety conditions and/or a declared state of emergency warrants, the University may delay opening a campus or specific offices and areas, cancel some or all classes and/or activities, or implement an emergency closing of all or part of the University.

In most weather related cases, the Garden City campus, the Manhattan Center, & Hauppauge Center will follow identical protocols while the Hudson Valley center will follow their own weather closing procedures due to being in an area where winter weather conditions are more prevalent.


In the event of inclement weather, employees who have registered for Adelphi’s Mass Notification System will be automatically notified.  Those not registered can use the following telephone numbers to learn the status of the University opening and any changes in staffing requirements:

Garden City Campus (516) 877-6870
Suffolk Centers (516) 877-6871
Hudson Valley Center (845) 471-3348
Manhattan Center (516) 877-6872

Emergency Notifications

In order to broaden our emergency notification and crisis communication channels, Adelphi’s University Mass Notification System enables the University to, in a timely manner, broadcast urgent messages and deliver instructions to the campus community when necessary.

With the University Mass Notification System, Adelphi can send notifications to students, faculty, and staff using their preferred communications channels, including text or voice messages to a cell phone or home phone. Users can also revise their emergency contact information when needed via Adelphi’s eCampus Web portal.

In addition to the notification system, the university will post closings and updates on social media and the Adelphi website home page.  Local television and radio stations will broadcast the closings as well.

The following radio and television stations will continue to announce “on-air” all major storm closings/delays in alphabetical order.

880 WCBS 92.1 WLNG 98.3 K98.3
1010 WINS 94.3 WWSK 102.3 WBAB
1100 WHLI 97.5 WALK 103.1 MAX FM
660 WFAN 106.1 WBLI

TV—News 12, NBC News, CBS

In most weather-related cases, the Garden City campus and the Manhattan and Suffolk Centers will follow identical protocols while the Hudson Valley center will follow their own weather closing procedures due to being in an area where winter weather conditions are more prevalent.

Weather Related Safety

Students, employees, guests and visitors must assume responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as for their class or work responsibilities. If the University is open, employees concerned about their safety for reasons specified in this policy may choose to arrive late to work, leave early from work, or not report to work, but should first notify their supervisor of their intention. Remote work may be allowed at the supervisor’s discretion.


Essential Personnel – employees that need to physically be on Adelphi campuses due to the nature of their jobs.

Non-Essential Personnel – bulk of employees – those who can successfully complete their responsibilities remotely, at home, all or most of the time or whose on-campus work schedule has been reduced during this time.


An emergency event has the potential to significantly impact the Adelphi University campus and the community as a whole. The Department of Public Safety and Transportation, in conjunction with our university partners, has many responsibilities regarding preparations, response operations, and resumption of normal university operations following an event.

Types of Operations

Adelphi’s leadership team has made the decision to continue to utilize the same school closing protocols used in the past (pre-COVID). Under these protocols, if a closure, delay, or early dismissal is declared, we will close University operations, including all instruction (both virtual and in person), Zoom scheduled meetings and support services, for the day. 

We understand that during any emergency condition there are unique challenges that we all need to address at home.  This could be children home from school and/or wifi or zoom not properly working during the storm. 

School Status – There are four (4) operating statuses for university operations:

  1. OPEN- School is open, operating under normal conditions
    • The University’s normal operating condition. Students, employees, guests and visitors should assume the University is open unless they have received official communication from the University.
  2. DELAYED OPENING – University is operating on a delayed opening status.
    • The decision to delay opening of the campus resides under the authority of the President, or designee. When campus has a delayed opening, classes and campus activities will be delayed till the designated time. 
  3. EARLY DISMISSAL – University is closed early.
    • The decision to dismiss campus early resides under the authority of the President, or designee. When campus has declared an early dismissal, classes and campus activities will begin again the next day, unless otherwise noted. 
  4. CLOSED – University is closed.

The decision to close the campus resides under the authority of the President, or designee. The closure of campus includes the cancellation of in-person, remote classes, online learning, student-related activities, and work. In addition, only essential employees are to report to work to continue essential operations.

Communication of Closures, Delays, or Early Dismissals

The Department of Public Safety and Transportation would like to remind everyone that in the event of an emergency situation and/or school closing, Public Safety will alert you through the Adelphi University Mass Notification System (RAVE) and will post the information on radio, television and the Adelphi home page, as well as Adelphi’s info line phone numbers.

  • The emergency notification system to broadcast urgent messages and deliver instructions to the campus community;
  • Send an email announcement to all students, faculty and staff via their addresses; 
  • Update the campus homepage (
  • Record a message on the call for Info Lines for the Main Campus and Centers, listed on the back of your AU ID Card; 
  • Update the Radio and Television Stations, as appropriate.

These communications are the official sources of information on Adelphi University closure, delay, or early dismissal and supersede any other available public information.

In deciding whether to close or keep open Adelphi’s Garden City campus and its centers, the University closely monitors the emergency conditions and works with local and state emergency services, including the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management. We also work in concert with other Long Island schools and universities.

In making these difficult decisions, the safety of the entire Adelphi community is our highest priority. We also understand the importance of notifying the community as early as possible and make every attempt to announce a closing by 5:00 a.m.—before most people begin commuting. Occasionally, changing emergency conditions will force us to make a decision after 6:00 a.m. At all times, safety is our first concern.

Transportation & Parking

The Department of Public Safety & Transportation will advise the campus community, via email, regarding parking and Panther Shuttle availability during declared emergency conditions. 

Weather Related Events

In preparation for the weather related event, the campus community is often directed to park all vehicles on the campus to the underground garages within a time frame. This is in preparation to maintain snow and/or debris removal operations during and after a weather event.

Please note that vehicles not parked in these designated locations are subject to a summons, and or possibly towed, if removal operations are interrupted.

Classes and Work

Classes and Activities

When there is a delayed start, all classes and activities on the affected day that begin before the delayed opening time will be cancelled. For example, if classes are delayed until 11 a.m., any classes scheduled to meet prior to 11 a.m. will be cancelled.

When there is an early dismissal, all classes and activities on the affected day that begin at and after the dismissal time will be cancelled. For example, if classes are dismissed at 4 p.m., any ongoing classes and classes scheduled to meet after 4 p.m. will be cancelled. Classes will resume the next day unless otherwise noted. 


Essential staff from departments such as Public Safety and Facilities will be on campus to assist with snow removal or other emergency condition removal, maintaining the infrastructure and keeping the campus safe. Students, faculty and most staff will get a snow day. Paid Time Off During an Emergency Condition

For Non-Union Employees:
In the event of a scheduled vacation day, sick day, floating holiday, or personal day on a day which was subsequently designated by the University as an emergency closing, the employee will NOT be charged for the day as originally approved. The employee’s timesheet will reflect the emergency closing (e.g., a snow day, flood, etc.) for the day, or portion of the day (.5) in the event of a delayed opening or early closure.

For Union Employees:
In the event of an emergency closing, the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will supersede University policy. Union employees should refer to their CBA for further details on emergency closings.


This policy does not have forms associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review, this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.

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Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: November 17, 2022
  • Last Revised Date: November 17, 2022
  • Policy Origination Date: Not known

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Gene Palma, Chief of Administration and Associate Vice President

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