Physics Newsletter

Physics Newsletter

2021 was a year of great change for the physics department. I believe it is an important time to reflect on some of the significant changes that have happened in the department over the last year and a half.

Two of Adelphi’s giants have retired in the last year and a half. I wanted to take a moment and call each of them out for being two of Adelphi’s most prolific professors. Professor Martin Garrell wrote a nice summary of Professor Emeritus Eugene Hecht’s long career; please find it here. And not to be outdone, we have also included a summary of Professor Emeritus John Dooher’s amazing career; read about it here.

We are also excited to introduce our new tenure track faculty member, Assistant Professor Kevin Liang. Liang has already made an impact in the department; I am so happy he is part of the team. Click here to learn more about professor Liang.

There was a lot of other news related to the department over the last year. Carissa Giuliano (Class of 2021) had an exciting article come out in Radiations this year. Our lab coordinator James St. John has moved on to a PhD program at Stony Brook University. While I miss him already, I am definitely happy to see his career grow.

Please check out our physics YouTube page, and you can also keep track of many of the day-to-day department happenings by checking out my personal blog.

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