Learn how to locate articles, books, streaming media, and more within our collection and how to request items that we don't readily have access to.

Searching the Adelphi Collection

Always start by searching our library catalog (OneSearch). See further below if you can’t find something and are looking for something not in Adelphi’s collections.

Materials in Garden City, Manhattan or Hauppauge are requestable. Please note that items in Hudson Valley Center are not requestable.

How Do I Request Items From the Adelphi Collection?

There are three ways to request items that we have in our collection:

  1. Physical Hold Request: You can place a hold request through OneSearch and select to have the book made available for pick up at either the Swirbul Library or Manhattan Center location.
  2. Home Delivery options are now available when requesting materials in OneSearch. 
    • Please include your shipping address in the comment section of your request.
    • There are no fees associated with this service.
  3. Partial Digitization of physical items is also available.
    • Please make sure to include the pages you would like digitized in your request.
    • We are able to digitize up to 10% of a work not exceeding two chapters. Please note: Due to copyright law, we are unable to complete requests for FULL digitizations of materials.
    • Watch a video tutorial of OneSearch Requests and Digitization

Looking for Something Not in the Adelphi Collection?

Please fill out the Interlibrary Borrowing form and we will request the item from another library. You will need to provide the citation information of the material you are looking for (e.g. Title, Author, Year, ISSN/ISBN #, Pages, etc.).

You will be notified via email when your request is available. Articles will be emailed in PDF format.

All requests are subject to availability.


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