The transfer process is an electronic immigration procedure requested by the individual student to their designated school official, located in International Services.

Once the request has been received by the DSO, the student’s SEVIS record will be released to the intended school, allowing the student to enroll. This procedure is not an academic process, and admission to a new school does not by itself authorize an international student to study in valid F-1 status. To be eligible for a valid SEVIS transfer, the student must be maintaining F-1 status at the time of the request and have an active SEVIS record.

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Eligibility for SEVIS Transfer

The designated school official will be able to complete the SEVIS transfer process if the student meets the following requirements.

  • The student is in valid F-1 status at the time of the transfer out request.
  • The student is actively enrolled or engaged in active post-completion OPT.
  • The student is within the 60-day grace period directly following program completion.
  • The student has been admitted to the transfer-in school.
  • Classes at the transfer-in school begin at the next available term, which is no more than 5 months from the end of the student’s studies at Adelphi University.
  • An F-1 student who was not pursuing a full course of study at the school last authorized to attend is ineligible for school transfer and must apply for reinstatement.
  • If classes are in session, the student must attend classes and otherwise maintain status until the transfer release date.

SEVIS Release Date

An international student is eligible to study at the school which currently has access over their SEVIS record. Only one school at a time has this authorization. The SEVIS release date is dependent on the individual student and category.

  • Currently Enrolled Student / Not Completing Academic Program – The SEVIS release date will be the last day of classes per the university academic calendar.
  • Graduating Student – The SEVIS release date will be the last day of classes per the university academic calendar or program end date if different. If within the 60-day grace period, the release date will be the date processed.
  • Initial Status Student – The SEVIS release date will be the date processed by DSO.
  • Post Completion OPT Student – The SEVIS release date will be the OPT end date or the date processed if within the 60-day grace period unless otherwise requested by the student.
  • Terminated Status Student – The SEVIS release date will be the date processed by DSO.

Transfer Request Process

To initiate the electronic release of your SEVIS record to a different school, the individual student must take the following actions:

  1. Log into the International Services Portal using your eCampus credentials
  2. Locate the student request options and complete the transfer out request
  3. Upload proof of admission to the requested transfer-in school
  4. Upload transfer-in form provided by the transfer-in school to be completed by DSO
  5. Students in initial status must complete the required immigration check-in request in addition to the transfer out request and the admission to the new school must be fewer than 30 days before or after the student’s initial admission
  6. Students in terminated status must provide evidence the transfer-in school will accept a terminated SEVIS record and will be required to submit a reinstatement application to USCIS after requesting a reinstatement I-20 from the requested school.
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