Students may need to extend their F-1 status for an academic reason, a medical reason, or a designated school official (DSO) error.

In these cases, DSOs can extend a student’s program of study prior to the program end date in SEVIS. For F-1 students, this update does not require the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s (SEVP) adjudication. The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) allows for an extension period of up to one year.

A student who will not complete the academic program by the date indicated on their Form I-20 and is maintaining valid F-1 status and normal academic progress must apply to the DSO for a program extension before the program end date.

Requirements for a Program Extension:

  • A student who needs to request an extension to their I-20 must complete the request in the International Services portal through their eCampus account.
  • This request must be filed prior and approved by the academic advisor prior to the program end date indicated on the students form I-20.
  • The student must provide evidence of an academic or medical reason to be eligible for an extension.

How to Request a Program Extension:

  • The student must log onto their eCampus account and go into the International Services Portal selecting the application to file for a program extension.
  • The student must complete and submit the application which must be approved by the academic advisor.
  • Once the application is reviewed and approved by the DSO, the SEVIS record will be updated to reflect the authorized program extension in SEVIS for the appropriate time determined.
  • The student will be contacted by International Services once complete.
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