Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics is the hub for all University surveys.

Survey Policy Introduction

Evidence-based survey administration, management, implementation and reporting is a major contributor to how higher education institutions understand the climate, attitudes, characteristics and the effectiveness of the learning environment of the institution and its constituents. Survey research can lead to new opportunities for growth, assistance and policy change. Therefore, survey data plays an integral role in how the institution makes informed and transparent decisions and strategically develops new and innovative operations and pathways to improve all aspects of the student, faculty, staff, alumni and partner experience.

Survey Policy Statement

All surveys (including but not limited to online, email or paper) need to be reviewed by the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA). The survey policy applies to currently enrolled students, formerly enrolled students, recent graduates, alumni, faculty and staff.


IRSA staff can help faculty, staff and students determine if an existing survey meets the inquiry needs and can provide support in all aspects of understanding survey data and reporting. IRSA staff will discuss if other research methods are necessary to answer the question or need. IRSA staff cannot assist in any aspects of survey administration, management, implementation and reporting or provide other survey support services unless the University survey policy is followed. If you require assistance in completing the survey registration form, or are unsure as to whether your survey should be registered, we encourage you to contact the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics at

Related Information

The entire Adelphi University survey policy is located on Adelphi’s Policy Website. For more information about the survey policy, institution-wide data and reports as well as assessment and accreditation efforts, please visit the IRSA website or contact IRSA staff at

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