Date & Time: February 12 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Location: Ruth S. Harley University Center, Rooms 113/114/115

Join us for an enlightening discussion on ethics and public policy featuring lecturer Milo Ward.

Policing is increasingly politically controversial in the US. As this problem has intensified in recent years, scholars have responded by making the case for various solutions to this problem: police abolition, police reform, and even for increasing and intensifying policing in the US. Yet in the hands of scholars, policing tends to become a problem of knowledge or a problem of morality, as if the political problem would disappear once the truth about what the police actually do in society is discovered.

Milo Ward

In this talk, Milo Ward, adjunct lecturer in political science at Lehman College, will discuss how American policing is primarily a political problem that is significantly shaped by the politics of law and order. He will show how the problems of contemporary American policing are symptomatic of the broader conservative realignment in American politics.

This event is sponsored by The Ethics & Public Policy Program and co-sponsored by Levermore Global Scholars, and the Political Science Department.

For more information about this event, please contact:

Toni Burden

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