Date & Time: October 6, 2021 9:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Garden City Campus

A sculptural/installation project facilitated by alumna and adjunct professor, Samantha Dominik and current Adelphi Studio Art Majors. 

Sculptures will be displayed on campus between the Science Building and Blodgett Hall throughout the day.

“Throughout this unprecedented time, the cyclical and monotonous nature of the human experience has become undeniable. Though we are constantly coming face-to-face with new unknowns, we are also continuously reliving and contextualizing past experiences and events.

Especially in my art practice, I find myself revisiting ideas from new perspectives — symbols and motifs recurring in new and exciting ways with each new season of life.

The carousel is an object that is cyclical and repetitive in itself. There is no real beginning or end, but instead constant and everlasting state of middle — always different, yet always same.”

Collaborators and Sponsors 

  • Department of Art and Art History
  • Chairperson Kellyann Monaghan
  • Adjunct Professor Samantha Dominik
  • Full Professor Christopher Saucedo
  • Current Studio Art Majors
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