Date & Time: September 8, 2023 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: Virtual

Join us for an enlightening session with Laura Dumin as she presents an engaging talk that will delve into the fascinating world of Language Model technologies and Generative AI.

The Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE) is thrilled to introduce Laura Dumin, professor of English and Technical Writing at the University of Central Oklahoma, and a distinguished expert in the emerging field of AI in education.

Join us for a compelling and informative workshop led by Dr. Dumin, titled “What are LLMs and Generative AI, and How can we use them in the Classroom.” This session aims to shed light on Large Language Models and delve into the possibilities of integrating generative AI programs into higher education courses and classrooms.

We invite you to participate in this virtual workshop with either:

  1. an assignment you’d like to adapt using generative AI, or
  2. your course’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), if you’re in the process of exploring AI integration in your course design.

Either way, Laura will provide clear insights and guidance.

Portions of the workshop will be conducted in small groups, creating an ideal environment for faculty members to collaborate and exchange valuable insights.

We’re looking forward to this chance to work together!

Speaker Bio

Laura Dumin, PhD

Laura Dumin, PhD

Laura Dumin, PhD, received her MS at Radford University in English with concentrations in technical writing and women’s literature. She received her PhD at Oklahoma State University in English with specializations in technical writing and composition/rhetoric.

She is a professor in English and Technical Writing at the University of Central Oklahoma and has been exploring the impact of generative AI on writing classrooms; she also runs a Facebook learning community to allow instructors to learn from each other.

When she is not teaching, she works as a co-managing editor for the Journal of Transformative Learning, is a campus SoTL mentor, and directs the Technical Writing BA and advises the Composition and Rhetoric MA program. She has created four micro-credentials for the Technical Writing program and one for faculty who complete the AI workshop on campus. 

Extended Reading

Below are some links you might find interesting, including: Laura Dumin’s personal website, as well as a collection of her articles on Medium. These articles cover a range of topics, including discussions about power dynamics within writing classrooms, enhancing AI literacy, the application of AI detectors, and innovative perspectives on grading methods.

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