From Monday, April 19th through Friday, April 23rd, participate in FTA’s annual Mungai Walk! Choose a day during the week where you are able to get outside and walk! After you walk, take a screenshot of how many miles you’ve walked from the Health App or from another app you use to show the distance you’ve walked. You will then upload the screenshot to a shared Google Drive folder by adding the photo and labeling it with your name. Go to this link to upload your screenshot:


On Instagram, post a photo of yourself walking or the scenery with the hashtag #WhyIWalk and tag @FTAadelphi and include why you walk (an example would be walking for students in Kenya). By posting on social media, it will count as additional steps!


Whoever comes in first place with walking the longest distance will win a $50 gift card, second place will win a $25 gift card and third place will win a $10 gift card!


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