Date & Time: April 23, 2020 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Online
There are two times a band is really tight – after a tour and after recording an album. You can’t go on tour right now but you can record an song–even if you don’t even know how to play an instrument! All you need is a smart phone, a computer and a set of headphones and you’re ready to rock!
Grab your guitar, cow bell, keyboard or whatever you have around the house–or just get ready to sing, clap, stomp or hum. Your teacher will help set up a framework for the song, and you and your band mates will rehearse and/or improvise your parts. You have 30 minutes to “perfect” and record your part using a simple voice memo app, Garage Band or whatever other recording equipment you may have at your disposal! Once you get your most awesome take, send it in to your teacher, who will put it together with the parts sent in from your other band mates and voila! Your band just made a record! This is an amazing way to practice, connect with others, improve your playing, and collaborate with your fellow rock star students!
Facilitated by: New York City Guitar School
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