Date & Time: May 2, 2022 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Online

The Graduate Student Council is happy to host a Virtual Coffee Workshop for the Graduate Student Class 

 Learn to craft unique drinks like Dalgona “Whipped” Coffee, Irish Coffee, and more! Receive delicious, farmer-friendly full coffee bags, support a small coffee business that has served EA, Shopify, Samsung, Capital One, and many others with events and coffee

Lorenzo and Julian become your barista duo, teaching you everything from coffee origins to making the perfect latte from home with the ingredients and tools you have. With over 10 years of combined professional coffee experience, Lorenzo and Julian teach you everything from how to correctly use a French Press, how to make Japanese Iced Coffee with a Chemex, tips and tricks on extracting the most flavor from any coffee you have, to why specialty coffee is farmer-friendly and promotes sustainable coffee practices. Let’s brew up a blast while learning about the limitless world of coffee.

For only $10.50

Kit includes
12oz. (3/4 lb.) Tanzania Mbinga Light Roast
12oz. (3/4 lb.) Brazil Cerrado Mineiro Medium Roast
Original Recipe eBook*
French press or pour-over device (add-on)
Original barista apron (add-on)
Barista-Crafted 11 Recipe eBook

Required from attendees
A brewing device (if french press or pour-over device isn’t added on)
Ground Medium for Drip Coffee / reusable Keurig cup, or Whole Beans (if coffee isn’t included)


Now open to Alumni and Friends 


Click here to register

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