Date & Time: March 29 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: UC 113-115

Calling all trivia buffs, the competition is on! This fast-paced trivia game includes multiple-choice questions covering a wide variety of topics. From movies, pop culture, sports, geography, math, history, science, food and more, there’s a category for everyone!

Players are competing for points and leaderboard spots – score the most points at the end of each round and you win! In Total Trivia, every audience member participates! There are four rounds to the game and multiple chances to win!

Every Total Trivia game is hosted by a professional comedian and includes $200 in CASH PRIZES! If you don’t want to offer cash prizes, we can also give away Amazon gift cards or prizes you choose.

Put your knowledge to the test with Total Trivia!

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