Date & Time: October 29, 2021 8:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Woodruff Hall, Half Gym & Room 253

The workshop aims to equip Adelphi University faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills to expand the educational space through using integrated movements and critical dialogues.

Thirdspace Movement

The Thirdspace Movement Concept approach places students as subjects of their own first-person experiences leading to the cultivation of mindfulness, motivation, and meaning within social, historical, and cultural contexts as well as promotion of positive connections with self and others.

What is Thirdspace?

Thirdspace is a psychological space where everyone with marginalized identities genuinely belong, are valued and relied upon, empowered, and ultimately matter.

What is Thirdspace Movement Process?

The Thirdspace movement process involves the conscious recognition of breathing patterns and their connection with self-awareness and presentness and the practice of intentionally grounding both physically and psychologically with self and others. The process evolves to an exploration of early developmental patterns and integrated movement forms. Participants move alone, with partners, and progress to whole-group activities that are designed to make meaning of the world based on their lived bodily experiences. The process ultimately results in
honest and critical self-reflection activities and critical dialogues with others that opens a space for recalibration of unhealthy perceptions of others and reconciliation.

About this Workshop

Are you interested in increasing student engagement in your classroom through the use of movement in your teaching? Physical Activity, specifically coordinative movements improves cognitive functioning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it impacts cognitive skills like concentration and attention and also enhances classroom attitudes and behaviors all of which influence academic performance. In addition, movement could be a tool to improve relational capacity and healing that helps us achieve Social Justice Goals.

Dr. Emilia Zarco in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences in the College of Education and Health Sciences has partnered with a team of movement experts: Dr. Betty Block from Texas A & M University, Dr. Esther Prados Megias, University of Almeria in Spain and Dr. Kanae Haneishi, Valley City State University to develop strategies for integrating movement in the classroom and your teaching based on Movement Science, Social Justice, Neuroscience, Psychology and Health Promotion literature. They are holding a workshop to introduce the strategy to develop your knowledge and skills to integrate movement in your teaching.

Funded by the CEHS Dean’s Fund for Curriculum Innovation, Scholarship and Grants.

If you have further questions please contact Emilia Zarco at

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