Date & Time: March 11 7:30pm
Location: Concert Hall, Performing Arts Center

Bringing together 10 award-winning performers from today’s Celtic dance and music scene, this show celebrates Irish, Tap and Ottawa Valley Step Dance with music and song.

Tickets are now on sale to Adelphi PAC members and to the general public on December 19.

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The StepCrew is an unbelievable new show which brings together three styles of exhilarating dance forms – Ottawa Valley stepdance, Irish stepdance, and Tap. With virtuosic dancers and musicians from the likes of The Chieftains, Cherish The Ladies, and Bowfire, this cast of outstanding talent takes you on a dance journey as champions in their respective art forms show audiences the amazing similarities and differences between these three captivating styles. As if dancing weren’t enough, The StepCrew boasts three world-class fiddlers backed by an amazing five-piece ensemble comprised of some of the most talented and respected musicians in the Celtic music scene today. Enjoy our site and check out our tour dates – there’s nothing quite like seeing it live.

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