Date & Time: February 22 6:30pm – 7:15pm
Location: Virtual

Digital technologies are now integral to daily life, and the world’s population has never been more interconnected.

Innovation, particularly in the digital sphere, is happening at unprecedented scale. Even so, its application to improve the health of populations remains largely untapped, and there is immense scope for use of digital health solutions. Recent technology advancements and the COVID-19 pandemic have revolutionized healthcare. Healthcare professionals now rely on digital health tools—such as wearable devices, sensors, AI-enabled clinical services, telemedicine applications and remote patient monitoring systems—to diagnose patients and monitor their care.

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Presenter Bio

Hasan Sapci, MD

Hasan Sapci, MD, is a tenured assistant professor of healthcare informatics at Adelphi University, New York. After completing his family medicine residency and postgraduate education, Dr. Sapci practiced medicine in academic medical centers and state and research hospitals, and worked as a telemedicine specialist at the University of Michigan Health System. He also served in various administrative positions, including program director of MS in Healthcare Informatics at Northern Kentucky University and Michigan Technological University and chair of the Department of Allied Health at Adelphi University.

Dr. Sapci has extensive experience in applied information technology, connected health and artificial intelligence application in healthcare and has authored and co-authored many scientific articles. He founded a first-of-its-kind Health Informatics Simulation Laboratory and second-generation Smart Home Healthcare and Health Informatics Training Laboratories. Dr. Sapci served as an international remote patient monitoring expert, developed and coordinated educational programs for patients, and conducted telemedicine training sessions for healthcare staff. He designed and implemented innovative clinical informatics applications for several departments at the University of Michigan Health System and received the Fostering Innovation Grant.

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