Date & Time: April 5, 2021 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Virtual

Art has the power to enlighten, transform, heal, inform, collaborate with and enhance other disciplines.

In teaching the arts to students regardless of their fields of study, art becomes the means by which to explore and better understand other cultures and social justice movements, injustice, the key to paying attention to detail, and the opportunity to explore the many qualities the arts possess. Art, a universal language and a human right, promotes awareness, may address and explore cultural, social, and political concerns and differences, and finally, allows for empathy, and the hope to create “global ambassadors” for change.

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About the Speaker

Argie Moutafis-Agelarakis

Argie Moutafis-Agelarakis

Argie Moutafis-Agelarakis, painter and illustrator, earned her BFA at The School of Visual Arts, her MA at Adelphi University, and is a Part-Time Faculty member at both Universities. Her courses explore her passion for art; drawing from her experience as a published illustrator in archaeology, anthropology, and art. She has taught scientific illustration, food-culture-and-art and ethnobotany. She teaches benefits of art therapy, art behind bars, art as social justice/activism, and the relationship of art and science. Her paintings, abstract or surreal, are influenced by her technical illustrations, yet break free from them, finding beauty in the purest forms in our natural environment, aiming to convey a rhythm or harmony of color, form, and hope. Her passion for art and believing in the value of incorporating the arts in education to all individuals/communities has brought her to a position on the Programming Committee at both the Center for the Women of New York and the Hellenic Women’s Alliance. Follow her on Instagram at @argiearts.

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