Date & Time: April 14, 2022 10:30am – 3:30pm
Location: Flagpole Lawn

Adelphi’s Clothesline Project is hosted by the Criminal Justice Program and Club, and began with a focus on interpersonal violence directed at cisgender women and girls. Over the past 15 years, the project has evolved to recognize the wide range of sex and gender-based violence, including violence aimed at transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex people.

The Clothesline Project honors survivors as well as victims of intimate violence. Any person who has experienced such violence, at any time in their life, is encouraged to come forward and design a shirt. Victims’ families and friends are also invited to participate.

It is the very process of designing a shirt that gives each person a new voice with which to expose an often horrific and unspeakable experience that has dramatically altered the course of their life. Participating in this project provides a powerful step towards helping a survivor break through the shroud of silence that has surrounded their experience.

For the first time, this year’s event will include elements of Monica Mayer’s El Tendedero (1978) which preceded and serves as an inspiration for the later Clothesline Projects that emerged in the 1990’s in the US.

Please join us in making this powerful visual display on campus to honor survivors as well as victims of intimate violence.


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