Date & Time: November 15, 2021 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Virtual

Art Jones, award-winning filmmaker, will discuss the making of his documentary featuring Professor Cristina Zaccarini’s “History, Mindfulness and Prison Reform” class, as both artistic work and amplifier of social justice action.

Professor Cristina Zaccarini will discuss how this film reflected the role her students played in creating a historical database capturing the experiences of those reentering society from incarceration. Nahshon Jackson, Outreach Coordinator, will explain the significance of the film and the classroom experience on those who are formerly incarcerated.

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About the Presenters

Art Jones

Director Art Jones heads Great Jones Productions in New York, making films that make change. His feature films and social justice documentaries fuse filmmaking with outreach and community building to spur social action.

Dr. Christina Zaccarini 

Prof. Zaccarini has been a full-time history professor at Adelphi for twenty years, with publications in American history specializing in women and culture. Prof. Zaccarini works with Network Support Services, and especially with Mr. Nahshon Jackson, Outreach Coordinator, to create a database capturing the experiences of those reentering society while seeking to assist them in their efforts.

Nahshon Jaskson

Mr. Nahshon Jackson, Network Support Services Outreach Coordinator, brainstormed with Prof. Zaccarini to come up with the idea for the Mindfulness Resolution Project and he provided tremendous insight and inspiration for students. Mr. Jackson works tirelessly to connect Prof. Zaccarini to Network clients, and his knowledge of mindfulness and the criminal justice system is exceptional. Without Mr. Jackson, there would be no Mindfulness Resolution Project and no documentary!


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