Date & Time: October 29, 2020 – November 1, 2020
Location: Virtual

The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group presents an interactive, online map of one of the most witchy cities on the eastern seaboard.

In honor of All Hallows Eve, we have created an interactive map of one of the most witchy cities on the eastern seaboard, Salem, Massachusetts. Through clicking on each location indicated on our map you will instantly be transported to a new experience written, directed, and performed by Adelphi alumni and faculty and inspired by the location.

In collaboration with The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group, current Adelphi students will perform newly conceived monologues by Emma Scholl ’23, Fernando Mercado ’23, Mili Shrestha ’23, Samuel Kang ’23, Nicole Sponaugle ’23, and Matthew Pezzulich ’23.

How to Join

The experience is free and open to everyone. Visit for more information.

Please email to reserve a spot. A zoom link will be sent to you before the show.

Group Members

  • Jess Kreisler ’20
  • Ben Farha ’10
  • Rae Barolai ’04
  • Colin Murphy ’09
  • Stephanie Gajeski
  • Katye Duran
  • Greg Carey ’20
  • Krystal Osborne ’05
  • Billy Meurer ’19
  • Mike DiFrancisco ’09
  • Megan Lohne ’04
  • Dan Ciba ’04
  • Brittany Mills ’20

Tales of a Witchy City Acting Company

  • Aria Saltini
  • Tasha Berol
  • Mike DiFrancisco
  • Nicole Schlamo
  • Raquel Powel
  • Samuel Adams
  • Greg Carey
  • Candyce Prince
  • Steven Cohen
  • Jessica Jameson
  • Eddi Shields
  • Autumn Clack
  • Kayte Duren
  • Jo Tomasz
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Erin Gonyeau
  • Joanna Georghiou
  • Ray Rodriguez
  • Ben Farha
  • Armand Lane
  • Dain Geist
  • Rebecca Sternberg
  • James O’Neil
  • Krystal Osborne
  • Rae Barolai
  • Megan Lohne
  • Kaolin Bass

Technical Team

  • Laura Ryan
  • Samantha Stone

Video-Editing Team

  • Rebecca Sternberg
  • Kayte Duren
  • Jess Kreisler
  • Athena Priftakis
  • Brittany Mills ’20

Literary Manager

  • Megan Lohne ’04

Resident Director

  • Brittany Mills ’20

The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group was created in June 2020 to serve as a workshop space to reignite creativity and foster the artistic process within the comfort of the Adelphi Alumni community. It is our hope that engaging in active conversations about change will allow us to respond to the now with artistry, responsibility, and empathy.

Please note: This is an independent production and is not produced by Adelphi University.

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