Date & Time: November 28, 2022 – January 16, 2023 9:00am – 9:00pm
Location: Performing Arts Center, 2nd Floor Gallery

An open-call exhibition hosted by the Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society. “Studio Moments” is an appreciation for the studio space. 

The studio is sacred to an artist and most often impacts the work that is created in such a vulnerable and personal space. A studio is unique to creators and in public studio spaces such as Adelphi’s art department allows for the cultivation of community and shared creativity.

“Studio Moments” asked artists to consider their work from their Adelphi studio courses, their home studios and other special spots where artists create.

  1. Where does one create their best work?
  2. What kind of work is created within a formal studio setting as opposed to a private, perhaps informal studio space?
  3. How has living through a pandemic shaped our collective appreciation as artists of our home and academic studio spaces and how has each informed the work we have produced?
  4. Why is the studio such a meaningful space and how is that reflected in our work?

“Studio Moments” provides answers to such questions through the contemporary work of Adelphi Art students in 2022.

Participating Artists

  • Anneliese Perfetti
  • Riley Oberting
  • Somi Nguyen
  • Julia Smith
  • Katie Farkas
  • Bridgette Havel
  • Savannah Ishmael
  • Olivia De Feo
  • Rachel Crespo
  • Katelyn Smith
  • Melissa Giordano
  • Julia Sledge
  • Sienna Apice
  • Amanda Bremer

This exhibition is sponsored by the University Libraries and Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society.

For more information on this exhibit, please contact:

Jon Duff

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