Date & Time: April 1 3:00pm – 3:45pm
Location: Virtual

Get trained with health education information regarding sexual health, STI, HIV prevention with PEP/PrEP and HIV treatment.

In this STI prevention and treatment presentation, we will discuss the epidemiology and prevalence of STIs, shedding light on high-risk populations. Explore evidence-based prevention strategies such as education, vaccination, and barrier methods. Uncover the latest diagnostic tools facilitating early detection and improving patient outcomes. Gain insights into cutting-edge advancements in STI treatment, from antimicrobial therapies to personalized medicine approaches. Emphasize the importance of holistic patient-centered care, including effective counseling, partner notification, and support services, all while challenging misconceptions and combating stigma surrounding STIs.

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Presented by David W. Rosenthal, DO, PhD, Medical Director of the HIV Program at Northwell Health

This event is presented as part of National Public Health Week at Adelphi University.

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