Date & Time: October 3, 2020 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Virtual

An independent, biennial festival that brings together Singaporean and American authors and audiences for lively conversations about literature and society.

Aimee Liu (top left) and her book Glorious Boy, Elaine Castillo (bottom left) and her book Americ...

Political revolutions and uprisings from the left have traditionally sought to expand the individual’s sympathies beyond the family. One of the novel’s most intense preoccupations, however, is the bourgeois family. How does a novelist reconcile, or even exploit, this apparent tension when writing about war and revolution? With moderator Aimee Liu (Glorious Boy), panelists Elaine Castillo (America Is Not My Heart) and Meira Chand (A Different Sky) discuss their work and its relation to political unrest in the Philippines, Singapore, India, and the USA.

Moderated by Aimee Liu

Co-presented by Adelphi University’s MFA Program and Soapbox Series

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Martha Cooley
Director of the MFA Program

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