Date & Time: February 21, 2022 4:00pm
Location: Virtual

What impact does sustainable design practice and art education have on society?

Based on Kim, Hyunsoo (2020) Sustainable Leather and Holistic Education*, the author expands the discussion to sustainable consumption and Artivism for new times, and its potential influence on society.

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Presenter Bio

Hyunsoo Kim

Hyunsoo Alice Kim is a multidisciplinary artist who actively works as a designer, merchandiser, engineer, entrepreneur, researcher and educator. She holds BFA Textiles from RISD, MS Textile from Philadelphia University, AAS Fashion Marketing from Parsons, and MA Textile Futures from CSM in London, UK. She is currently a doctoral candidate and studio fellow in the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University


Kim, Hyunsoo. (2020). Chapter 10. Sustainable Leather: Holistic Education. In Weide, C., Varela, C., & Adeniji-Neil, D. (2020). Illumination of Social Imagination: Public Art, Community Engagement, and Visions Beyond 2020 (pp).

DIO Press. (ISBN: 9781645040613)

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