Date & Time: October 23, 2023 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Virtual

The Open Access movement is approaching a crossroads. 

Major funders in Europe and the United States have given publishers until December 31, 2024 to find a pathway to full open access (OA) and after that date will no longer fund publishing in “hybrid” journals. This has major implications for OA publishing and the use of article processing charges, or APCs. APCs are currently the most widespread means of defraying the cost of OA publishing, but they are inequitable and simply transfer the financial burden from readers to authors.

How are publishers responding to this deadline and what does it mean for researchers looking to publish in their journals? What new models for funding OA publishing are being implemented and what is the best way to take advantage of them? How will this affect the transformative agreements being signed between publishers and universities?

In this talk, Chris Barnes, Digital Publishing Librarian, will address these issues through the lens of this year’s Open Access Week theme: “Community over Commercialization.” By developing community-owned infrastructure that is nonprofit and sustainable, as well as leveraging the power of consortia and other groups of like-minded institutions, the OA movement is demonstrating the advantages of a scholarly communications ecosystem unbeholden to the profit motive.

Registration is free, required, and open to all.

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