Date & Time: April 27, 2022 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Ruth S. Harley University Center, Thomas Lovely Dixon Ballroom

Dr. Burks’ talk will focus on her work as a forensic chemist and highlight her team’s use of molecular sensors to detect targets of forensic interest such as illicit drugs, explosives, chemical weapons, and latent prints.

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This event is sponsored by the Jerry March Memorial Lecture endowment.

About the Speaker

Raychelle Burks, PhD

Raychelle Burks, PhD

After working in a crime lab, Dr. Burks returned to academia, teaching, and forensic science research. An analytical chemist, she enjoys the challenge of developing detection methods for a wide-variety of compounds. Her research team is focused on the development of colorimetric and luminescent sensor arrays for the detection of analytes of mainly forensic interest with accompanying image and chemometric analysis. To maximize the portability of their analytical systems, Dr. Burks’ team uses laptops, tablets, and smartphones for image collection and data processing. Beyond the lab, Dr. Burks is a popular science communicator, appearing on TV, in podcasts, at large genre cons such as DragonCon and GeekGirlCon, in addition to writing a science-meets-true crime column called “Trace Analysis” for Chemistry World. She is a member of a number of local, national, and international committees, task forces, and projects focused on social justice and STEM.

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