Date & Time: February 27, 2023 4:30pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom

According to Rialengo, cumbia is a language that the entire region understands, a language that is in our blood.

Presenter Bio

Rialengo (Francisco Murillo, 1979) is a songwriter from the Costa Rican Caribbean. Rialengo has opted for cumbia as a form of expression. He refers to this musical genre as the most effective element of integration for Latin America.

Presentation Summary

According to Rialengo, cumbia is a language that the entire region understands, a language that is in our blood. Rialengo proposes an immediate appropriation of our Latin American cultural heritage, to relearn who we are and banish once and for all the shadows that have perpetuated Latin America in a crisis for hundreds of years.

In that logic, Rialengo composes songs about female empowerment, political responsibility, migration, and the importance of agriculture. He uses songs as a tool to rethink us as an American society. For more information visit

Transformación en tiempos Violentos (Transformation in Violent Times) is a foundation that promotes the destruction of weapons transmuted into art, workshops, and different events, the personal and social transformation that leads us to a great change as a country; and then from Costa Rica to the World, for this: it is vital to integrate with different groups, agencies, entities, and volunteers.

To become a leading organization worldwide in the promotion of peace, disarmament, and transformation.

Through the destruction of weapons and different events it intends to generate awareness, peace, disarmament, and change in societies increasingly affected by violent events, inspiring and benefiting thousands of people and using art as an instrument to transform reality.

To summon and bring together fellow artists from different areas and countries to hold parallel exhibitions, massive concerts, poetry readings, dance, theater, fashion presentations, etc. to generate a great World Movement for Peace, Disarmament, and Change.

To involve children and young people in guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, talks, conversations, etc., to sow the transformative message in those who are agents of change.

To work with children, youth, and adults through Art Workshops for change, in as many communities as possible at high social risk or conflict zones, using art as a tool for violence prevention, generation of opportunities, and real changes.

To work with prisoners in the same way, through workshops, in the largest number of prisons, in this case, using art as a restorative tool, for reconnection, generation of opportunities, and social reintegration.

To make Monumental Murals, huge symbols of peace and disarmament, in the main cities of the World using pieces of heavy weapons such as parts of tanks and helicopters, to raise awareness about military spending and the need to invest in education, culture, and art to achieve urgent transformation.

To integrate efforts with international organizations, government entities, other NGOs, and individuals to work together and achieve global transformation.

To develop a Social Reintegration Program for the Deprived of Liberty and people in Communities at Risk, which provides them with training, motivation, psychological reinforcement, and work.


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