Date & Time: October 10 – November 5
Location: Ruth S. Harley University Center, Adele and Herbert J. Klapper Art Gallery

The time honored relationship of the artist and their mentor continues to play a vital role in the enduring chain of arts culture and tradition.

Opening Reception, October 26, Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m.

Curatorial statement by Carson Fox:

Ask any established artist if there was someone who helped along the way, and most will say yes, yes, YES. While mentors may take different forms, at their core they help guide and inspire with both advice and encouraging words when it is needed the most.

The faculty at Adelphi University enjoy both ends of this continuum, as most have had mentors and all have acted as mentors to the emerging artists that fill the Adelphi studio-classrooms year after year. This exhibition celebrates this relationship.

Professors Kellyann Monaghan, Carson Fox, Hannah Allen, Jennifer Maloney and Christopher Saucedo display their work alongside artists who helped pilot their ambitions along the way. In addition, the exhibition includes Adelphi alumni who have made the department especially proud as they establish their own exciting and engaged careers. While the visual similarities may not be obvious between the artist and mentor, the spirit of generosity that defines such bonds will be in full view.

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