Date & Time: October 7, 2020
Location: Email
Foodprint Edu. is a campaign created to educate college students on how their diet has a part in determining their ecological footprint. We will build this platform through a website which contains information about our events, curriculum and very own content. Our curriculum will be designed to be easily replicated past our target audience. Our first audience is targeted to be Adelphi first-year students, who can view our video in freshman seminar as an introduction to this campaign. Though we anticipated to start with Freshmen, we will happily educate as many as we can. We are also developing a website where students and others can calculate their own “foodprint” and progress as they begin integrating a more sustainable diet into their lifestyle.     
FoodPrint Edu is looking for supporters/volunteers, passionate students, and interns!  Feel free to stop by our event to hear more, or email for any questions.
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