Date & Time: April 6, 2020 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Virtual

Are you in a place of uncertainty either in your current career or the career path in which you have chosen? When you look around do you see others in careers, roles, jobs that they love- are you looking for the same? Join Maggie Jessen, leader in the cosmetic industry, as well as hundreds of thousands other hustlers on the journey to a fulfilling career path- often times a path less explored is the one less traveled. Whats holding you back from leading your own charge?
In this lesson you will learn :
+ Stumbling into an unclear career path
+ Taking a risk and unlikely opportunities
+ Leveraging your current situation
+ Create your path
This is a great session for those who are looking for insight into how to navigate during a difficult economy and work force, looking for inspiration on new ways to create your own destiny and learning that it’s ok to not have all the answers.

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