Date & Time: August 27, 2020 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Location: Online via Zoom

In this microclass you will learn about the use of visual arts and social media for social/community action.

Culture and community are central to an understanding of the human endeavors and identities we have in the contemporary world.

To appreciate the idea of “it takes a village” from the perspective of culture, community and family—in all nations, races, and religions. How human rights are connected to culture, community and identity through reflection on one’s own identity and relationship to society.

It is important to understand how personal narrative is constructed: the mechanisms by which we form identity, define ourselves, and place ourselves in broader contexts and communities. The relationships among social media, imagery, identity and context and the implications for effecting individual thought and change around the world. In this microclass you will learn about the use of visual arts and social media for social/community action.

About the Speaker

Anne M. Mungai, PhD is an Associate Provost of Strategic Initiatives and Graduate Studies at Adelphi University, New York. Her research agenda over the last several years has revolved around the concept of multicultural issues, special education inclusion issues, staff development, and gender achievement issues in Kenya, and learning. She is the author of the book Growing Up in Kenya Rural Schooling and Girls, published by Peter Lang; and the co-editor of the following books: Pathway to Inclusion: Voices From the Field, University Press of America; In the Spirit of Ubuntu Stories of Teaching and Research, Sense publishers. Written in Her Own Voice, Ethno-educational Autobiographies of Women in Education, Peter Lang and High Need Schools: Changing the Dialogue, Sense Publishers. She has published many other articles on multicultural education and issues of special education inclusion.

She recently received the Long Island Business News 2020 diversity award. The award is to recognize those who actively support the growth of diversity and equality in the Long Island community.

She believes that empowering and educating women, empowers families and the nation. She has spoken in many forums in the USA and other countries to empower women to reach their destiny. She has held forums in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Japan, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, Australia and India.

She is the vice-president of the Caroline W. Mungai Foundation. The Caroline Mungai Foundation started a children’s home in Wangige, Kenya in 2004 with 40 children.

This event is part of the Experience Adelphi series. This series of half-hour sessions exemplify Adelphi’s commitment to lifelong learning and feature topics and speakers unique to the University. View our full listing of Experience Adelphi offerings and join us when you can!

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