Date & Time: March 24, 2022 10:30am – 12:00pm
Location: Online

You have the power to make change. Here at Adelphi University, we are committed to ensuring that every community member feels safe and protected. That’s why we are participating in the Green Dot initiative.

Green Dot is a nationally recognized, comprehensive primary prevention and bystander engagement program for universities and colleges. Green Dot was started on a college campus, like ours. to prevent dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. The idea behind Green Dot is that if every member of the campus community—students, staff, administrators and faculty—does their small part, the combined effect is a culture that is safe for everyone and where violence has no room to exist.


To learn more about Adelphi’s Green Dot program, visit here


Please note that this training is specifically for faculty and staff members. See “Green Dot: Student Training” if you are a student.

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