Date & Time: December 10, 2022 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Black Box Theatre, Performing Arts Center

First-year theatre students perform in their first Adelphi production.

adapted by Ellen McLaughlin

This performance will also be livestreamed for those unable to attend in person.

The first-year students of the Department of Theatre take the stage for the first time as part of their training in this workshop.

In the wake of their devastating defeat, the women of Troy, all now widows, wait on the beach below the ravaged city to be claimed by their Greek conquerors as slaves and concubines. Though the war is over, exile and degradation lie ahead and the fates of these women, including Queen Hecuba, her daughter Cassandra, the doomed, mad prophetess, and her daughter-in-law Andromache, widow of the great Hector, are still in the balance.

Livestreaming of this performance is sponsored by the Adelphi Women’s Giving Circle.

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