Date & Time: June 2, 2021 9:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Campbell Lounge 1

All members of the class of 2021 are invited to sit for senior portraits! This will be the final opportunity for 2021 graduates.

Sitting for your portrait and inclusion in the Oracle Yearbook is free. After you review your proofs from the photographer, you can choose to purchase prints or downloads. In addition to formal graduation portraits, professional headshots can also be taken.


Note: appointments may not be listed at the time this event is published. They will be live by Friday, May 14th at this link. 


Important COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

– The student must display their AU2GO app COVID screening clearance before they enter the photo session area.
– No waiting is allowed in and around the Campbell Lounge where the photo session will take place.  This is to reduce the risk of a large gathering 
– Everyone must clean and sanitize their hands before walking into the room for the photo session.
– The student must keep their mask on and wait until the photographer says it’s okay to remove the mask.
– The photographer must keep their mask on at all times, except when they are in the room alone.
– Once the photo shoot has ended, the student should place the mask back on their face and wipe the chair with a sanitizing wipe before they leave the room.
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