Date & Time: October 12, 2023 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Center for Recreation & Sports, Campbell Lounge 1

The HSI Task Force and CSTEP invite students and the Adelphi community to a viewing of Don’t Tell Anyone (No le digas a Nadie). A film about the experience of a young undocumented woman living in the US.

Join CSTEP and the HSI TF for a viewing of Don’t Tell Anyone (No le Digas a Nadie).

Don't Tell Anyone Poster

A film by Mikaela Shwer that features the story of Angy Rivera who since the age of 4, has lived in the United States with a secret that threatens to upend her life: she is undocumented. Angy arrived with her mother, fleeing violence, poverty, and civil war in their native Colombia. For 20 years they live in the shadows, struggling to stay afloat financially and avoid deportation while battling a complex and inequitable immigration system. Don’t tell anyone is a phrase whispered often and branded deeply on the consciousness of all who are undocumented.

Sponsors: CSTEP, HSI Task Force

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