Date & Time: May 4, 2021 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Online

**The Commuter Student Organization would like to thank you, the commuters of Adelphi, for all the support you have shown us. Even though the world has encountered a new normal, our Panther Pride remained and will continue to remain strong. As the Spring Semester comes to an end, the Commuter Student Organization e-board would like to invite you to our last set of events, our F A R E W E L L  F E S T!**

To kickoff our F A R E W E L L  F E S T, we are hosting a virtual event with FREE Intention Bracelets!


There are really 4 great parts to this activity: Part 1. Questions prompt each person to choose a word or phrase that expresses the intention they want to manifest in their lives or community. Part 2. A representative will hammer each intention onto a token on a bracelet. Part 3. As the bracelets are finished, each person shares the “why” behind their token. Part 4. By wearing the bracelets, the participants are constantly reminded of their intention and they get the opportunity to share what they feel and made with someone new!

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