Date & Time: November 7, 2022 4:30pm
Location: Virtual

Anne Warburton, fibre artist and artist-trained in the expressive arts, will showcase the art series she has been creating, based on the artistic side of timeworn and weathered objects around us, both in nature and manmade.

By noticing this beauty around us, its changes and growth, and through exploring these subjects using our own creative outlets, we find connections and create opportunities for self-reflection, growth and gratitude.

Anne Warburton fiber artist

Presenter and/or Organization Bio

Anne Warburton is a fibre artist based in Canada. Her focus these past three years has been on the world around us – where we can find both manmade and nature’s lines: straight, twisted, imperfect, tattered, threadbare. There is beauty in these timeworn lines, and a need today for moments of awe and wonder, and self-reflection. Her fibre art interpretations begin with photographing these elements close-up to capture the artistic perspective of the affected areas: rust, corrosion, decay, weathered, crumbling, then assembling and altering layers of fabrics and other materials to symbolize the changing layers of her subjects. Anne is an active member of her local fibre arts community, as co-chair of the Out of the Box Fibre Artists, teacher, founder of Fibre 15 (a community fibre arts group), and artist-trained in the expressive arts.

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