A professional development event that explores how can teacher education programs lead prospective teachers toward understanding themselves and their communities, and toward creating inclusive spaces in current and future school programs that result in positive educational experiences for ALL students.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the fall 2018 K–12 public school student population in the United States included 53% of students who identified as Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, and two or more races. This high percentage of ethnically diverse students contrasts the overwhelming 80% of the teaching workforce who identifies as White.

These data reflect a glaring cultural gap and suggest that today’s teachers are highly likely to encounter students who are ethnically, culturally, and socioeconomically different than themselves (Flory, 2017).

Student differences in ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and language present additional personal and cultural barriers to equitable physical education programs and practices for some teachers (Lynch, Sutherland & Walton-Fisette, 2020). Due to these increasing challenges, there is a need to acknowledge and integrate cultural differences throughout professional practice in order to foster meaningful and relevant education for all (Vasquez, Gaudreault & Flory, 2022).

  • Symposium Chairs: Assistant Professor Chris Mellor, and Professor Paul Rukavina – Physical Education
    Teacher Education in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sara Barnard Flory – Biography- University of South Florida
  • Special Guest Scholars: Dr. Karen Gaudreault (Biography), Dr. Victoria Shiver (Biography), Martin Vasquez, University of New Mexico


Date Time Location Activity
December 8 2:00pm – 3:30pm CRS, Campbell Lounge 2 Keynote and Q/A
December 9 9:00am -11:00am Woodruff Hall, Room 253 Panel Discussion

In addition to a keynote review of research, best practices, and future directions by Sara Flory and panel discussions with exceptional guest scholars, expert class sessions will demonstrate practical strategies for use in the gymnasium for elementary and secondary school programs.

The Adelphi Community is welcome to attend the keynote and panel discussion. Please contact Dr. Chris Mellor via cmellor@adelphi.edu and Dr. Paul Rukavina via rukavina@adelphi.edu.

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