Date & Time: July 14, 2021 9:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Zoom

Join Debra Roberts, LCSW as she teaches her proprietary and proven communication model, The Relationship Protocol® (the RP).

Credit: 3 CEs

Course Description

Imagine sessions where you are working with challenging relationships. What comes to mind? Do you feel nervous, confused, ill-equipped or inadequate? Is it overwhelming or scary?

What if you had practical tools to help you understand how to affect change in even challenging relationships, while also growing your confidence? And, what if your clients could also gain lifelong tools for them to use outside of your office, in their everyday lives?

Discover a practical way of working with all types of relationships. Learn the 2 main ingredients necessary for healthy relationships and how to navigate conversations while also teaching your clients how to be better communicators. Build your own confidence as you learn about maintaining control over sessions, balancing difficult personalities, defusing conflicts and how to create change quickly.

Teach your clients to:

  • Initiate sensitive topics
  • Defuse conflicts
  • Stop escalating arguments
  • Build trust

Join Debra Roberts, LCSW as she teaches her proprietary and proven communication model,

The Relationship Protocol® (the RP). Learn the 6 components of this comprehensive approach for having healthier relationships, initiating conversations, building trust and resolving conflicts quickly Debra has been utilizing this model for over 25 years in her private practice and consulting with businesses. The Relationship Protocol offers a helpful perspective for understanding all types of relationships and a straightforward framework for guiding interactions.

Attendees will learn the fundamental ingredients necessary for all healthy relationships, as well as how to promote positive interactions, empower clients and teach them tools for talking to each other in the most productive way.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of healthy communication and identify how to help clients build healthier relationships in all areas of their life through effective communication.
  • Explain the Relationship Protocol model (the Key Elements and the Steps), to clients.
  • Utilize the mandatory principles necessary for initiating positive movement and change in sessions.
  • Use the 2 Key Elements from the RP and other valuable techniques during sessions to model and teach effective communication skills to clients, maintain control over sessions and guide interactions. Clients then integrate these helpful tools outside of sessions in all of their important relationships.
  • Integrate the 2 Key Elements of RP model into current private practice or work setting


  • Registration Fee: $80
  • Alumni, Adjuncts, Field Instructors Rate: $60
  • Student Rate: FREE with Promo Code
  • Veterans: $35

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Level of Experience for which the Course is Intended:

This program is for all clinicians, from 0-13 years, or more clinical experience.

All clinical levels can benefit from this program. The RP can be utilized as a comprehensive foundational perspective or integrated into their existing method for working with relationships.

Faculty Bio

Debra Roberts, LCSW has been working extensively with difficult relationships for over 25 years in her private practice and through her work with businesses. Debra developed an educational, communication method, called the Relationship Protocol, also known as the RP. She has witnessed the transformation of thousands of relationships from hopeless to hopeful in a short period of time using the model.

Debra is a conversation expert, an author, a columnist for Inc. Magazine. She has written for Business Insider, and has been featured as an expert on multiple media platforms, including The New York Times and Real Simple. She is also a public speaker whose proprietary and practical approach revolutionizes how we work and play together. The Communication Protocol is Debra’s online professional development program for teams that teaches the fundamentals of her model. To learn more, visit

Debra teaches people how to talk to each other so they can feel more comfortable and confident communicating. Her method is described in her book, The Relationship Protocol: How to Talk, Defuse and Build Healthier Relationships and in her new online course, The Communication Protocol.

The model successfully demonstrates that when you teach people how to be better partners, how to communicate effectively and how to defuse conflicts, they gain self-confidence and have more satisfying and healthier relationships. The RP offers practical and straightforward real-life tools for use in everyday situations and all types of relationships.

Debra is a columnist at, has written for Business Insider, plus has been featured as an expert on multiple media platforms, including The New York Times. Real Simple and The Cut. To learn more, visit

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