Date & Time: November 18, 2020 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Pictures will be post on @AdelphiCSI to vote

Canstruction – Create structures out of full cans of food/boxes which will then be donated to local food banks such as Mary Brennan Inn.

November 15th starts Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.  In efforts to spread awareness and help the Mary Brennan Inn which is the largest homeless shelter on Long Island and our Panther Pantry.   Participates will create a structure with items that they will be donating.  Once your structure is completed participants will upload their photos of their can castles here to be judged for the a Panther’s choice award on the AdelphiCSI instagram.  All cans will be dropped off at the Center For Student Involvement located in the lower level of Earle Hall to ensure the food will get to Mary Brennan Inn before Thanksgiving no later than November 20th anything donated after will be given to the Pantry.  Cans must be dropped off to win. 


  • Castles may not include any obscenity or indecency, including, but not limited to, vulgarity, nudity, alcohol or drug references, violence, or direct negativity towards an individual /organization /school/judges.
    • Accepted: Cans, Pasta (mac and cheese included, pasta sauce, granola bars, water, etc.) Only canned and boxed food can be used to build castles. The food items must be non-perishable. Packs of multiple items (canned goods, boxed items) will count as the number displayed on the box. Bulk items cannot be opened.
    • Not allowed:  No Jelly packets, spam, cup of noodles, Vienna Sausage or Ramen will be accepted. If you are unsure of what potentially can count please contact 

Winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card and $100 donated to a philanthropy of their choice.  Second place will get $50 towards their philanthropy.

Upload pictures here

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