Date & Time: February 9, 2021 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Online

Want to gain a Leadership Position? Are interested in hosting new events for Adelphi Student Nurses? Do you want to represent your class? Keep in close contact with faculty?

Elections will take place February 15th – February 19th.

All nominees must write a speech highlighting why you want to run for the position and any previous leadership experience and qualifications to run for office. 

Submit it to the President ( with the subject (AUSNA 21-22 SPEECH-position) by February 13th. 


All of the following positions are available:

Feel free to contact any of the current positions for questions!



As President, you are responsible for delegating duties between all of the executive board. Is the liaison between the majority of guest speakers, faculty, and advisors. You work closely with the event coordinator to set up meeting ideas and training sessions for the year. It is mainly your responsibility to make sure the executive board and overall organization meet Adelphi’s requirements in order to remain a recognized organization on campus. 

Email with any questions! 


Vice-President assists the president in making sure the organization meets the requirements for being recognized on campus. Assists the president in any planning that needs to get done. Acts as a liaison between guest speakers, faculty, advisors, and executive board members. 

Email with any questions. 


As treasurer, you would be making the budget for the two semesters that you are on the E-Board, as well as being an active member in the club. The budget is made so that the club is given money by the school for the different events that we host each semester.  The current treasurer will help you learn how to take on these responsibilities. 

Email felicitytorres@mail.adelphi.eduwith any questions.

VP of NSNA Affairs:

Promotes the membership of NSNA, is the liaison between NSNA and AUSNA, attends the yearly convention where you vote on resolutions and get involved with picking the new E-board for NSNA, learns about the political side of nursing through the convention and hoping to make a new resolution for the next upcoming conference. 

Email with any questions.

Event Coordinator and Assistant Event Coordinator: 

We are responsible for making the flyers for the different events and meetings and aid in the planning of them. We are in charge of posting the information onto MyAULife and emailing various guest speakers when needed. We also book rooms for the events and meetings and work together with the rest of the e-board to ensure that things run smoothly. 

Email or with any questions. 

Fundraiser Coordinator:

We plan events for AUSNA to raise money, either for the club itself or for donation to a charity/cause. Along with this, we design apparel in which AUSNA sells to its member and student body. This is a great position for someone that is organized and like to collaborate with others!

Email with any questions.


As secretary, it is your responsibility to send out mass emails and reminders to all of AUSNA’s members. You take notes so that minutes can be sent out regarding the previous meeting so members who could not attend can be informed, too.

Email  with any questions.

Social Media

You are responsible for AUSNA’s Instagram account, you post flyers and find ways to get members involved through the social media account. 

Email with any questions.



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