Date & Time: April 19–23, 2021 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Adelphi University (or in your own community)

Shower yourself and everyone around you with kindness, and watch the smiles bloom! The Interfaith Center will be hosting an event from From April 19th to 23rd called April Acts of Kindness! The goal of the event is for the Adelphi community to spread as much kindness as they can in one week. The community can form into groups and register their team on the Google Form listed below by April 16th. Once they register, they will receive an email from the Interfaith Center to confirm their Team Registration, as well as a link to the Google Forms where they will track their Acts of Kindness! The teams can pick from our list of Acts of Kindness or even choose their own. Each Act of Kindness is given points that range from 1-3 points. The team with the most points accumulated wins! But the kindness doesn’t stop there. The winning team will select a charity of their choice to donate a prepaid $50 donation! The winning team will be announced on April 23rd at 4:00PM.

Step 1: Create a team within the Adelphi community.

How to Create your Team (by April 16th):

Complete Form in or Email

Step 2: Practice Acts of kindness.

Pick from our list of Acts of Kindness or Choose Your Own

Step 3: Log your Acts of Kindness on our Google Form.

Step 4: Winning team selects a prepaid $50 donation to the charity of their choice


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