Date & Time: March 6, 2023 4:30pm
Location: Virtual

An event about Polly Ferman: her life as an advocate for Latin culture, its race and gender equality, educator and musician.

Polly Freeman

A cultural entrepreneur, Ferman is the founder and artistic director of Pan American Musical Art Research, a 501(c3) organization she founded in 1984 to promote awareness of and appreciation for the cultures of Latin America. Use the following link for more information:

In 2006, Ferman founded the Latin American Cultural Week in New York City ( LACW), an annual festival. Use the following link for more information:

Ferman established, directs and performs in GlamourTango, EL TANGO HECHO MUJER, a unique all-female international multimedia music and dance show, the ultimate homage to Women’s Empowerment. Use the following link for more information:

Polly Ferman will share the importance of discovering our love for the arts and how to make it the soul of our life, to find the essence of generosity with our colleagues as opposed to competition. She intends to talk and share her long-life experience in the arts and as a human being.

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