Date & Time: February 7, 2022 2:00pm
Location: Virtual

In this presentation, Charles will speak about how the Wealth Gap in the United States is widening among class and racial lines, as is discussed in Berkley Professor Robert Reich’s book, The System.

Presenter’s Bio

Charles Herman, is a Senior majoring in Criminal Justice, focusing on Social Justice. In Independent Studies with Dr. Stephanie Lake, he has focused his attention on race-related topics, including policing practices in the BIPOC community. One such study examined the existing research on whether BIPOC individuals were more likely than others to be searched for illegal drugs, even though whites are more likely to have drugs on their person during police stops. Charles also examined the judicial ruling on NYC’s Stop and Frisk program in the early 2000’s, as well as the implications of this ruling for the tactic in other cities. In another example of his research, Charles explored why BIPOC students are suspended at higher rates than White students, and how in predominantly BIPOC schools, disciplinary policies are far harsher than for schools with primarily white students. He hopes that his research, presented last spring at Adelphi’s Research Conference, sheds light on these critical issues and creates real, meaningful change. Upon graduating, he hopes to work at a non-profit to advance the cause of equality and justice FOR ALL people. Charles is also the President of the Criminal Justice Club and has previously served as its Vice President. He also is a member of the Environmental Action Coalition, where he explores the issue of environmental racism and how to address it.

Keynote speaker

CaSandra Diggs, President, The Council of Fashion Designers of America; Board Member, Sing for Hope.

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