Date & Time: April 16–18, 2021 7:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Virtual

Members of the Adelphi community are invited to join the Alumni Playwrights Group Spring Fever reading series, a virtual play reading festival featuring 12 brand new works from our company members.

Join us in April and May for 3 weekends of a diverse array of full-length pieces that have been in development over the past year. Our lineup features shows ranging from a reimagined Hansel & Gretel, the rehearsal process of a college production of Virginia Woolf gone awry, a family torn to pieces by a series of slowly uncovered secrets, to an interactive reality science competition featuring alternate endings and voting, AAPG leaves no subject left unexplored.

The weekend of April 16-18 will feature:

Porcelain by Kayte Duren, Directed by Tasha Berol 

Friday, April 16th at 7pm
PORCELAIN is a play about finding the courage to confront your abuser. Throughout the play we take a journey with Alair through an abstract representation of her subconscious in the form of a toy chest containing her childhood dolls, unravelling the events leading up to the day Alair’s mother was murdered by her abuser. With introspective guidance and help from her trusted friends, Alair uncovers the truth of what happened that day, and sets herself free from the consuming guilt by forgiving herself for not being able to save her mother… and saying goodbye to the thing that controlled her for so many years.

Soft Love by William Meurer, Directed by AJ Mattioli 

Saturday, April 17th at 2pm
Sam’s just wants to live his life like any other queer person. However, when his Long Island home is defaced in a vicious hate crime, his life is suddenly thrust into the public spotlight. The attack prompts his extended family to rush in and do their best at damage control, However, their ideas of how to best “protect” Sam may do him more harm than good.

Penetralia by Benjamin Farha, Directed by Michelle Cohen-Carpenter 

Saturday, April 17th at 7pm
How deep would you dive to know your family’s past? As the summer of 2018 heats up, the Coll siblings gather in their childhood home after their mother’s death. They are confronted with this question and much more when they find a hidden safe in the floor of their mom’s bedroom. The family tree expands, the contents of the safe are revealed, and each person must face their own secrets and lies—all while coming together to learn the truths their parents chose to omit.

Virginia Slims by Greg Carey, Directed by Monica Athenas 

Sunday, April 18th at 2pm
Virginia Slims follows the budding friendship between neighbors Ben, a 22 year old college student, and Phillis, a 70 year old widowed woman. Through seemingly small and simple interactions we get to see how this intergenerational friendship grows and what Ben and Phillis can learn from each other. Virginia Slims also explores the idea of how much we truly know about our neighbors and what happens behind closed doors vs. what we choose to share with one other. Ben’s desire for a maternal influence leads him to move into a caretaker role with Phillis and throughout the course of the play we discover that Phillis perhaps needs more help than a 22 year old can provide, forcing Ben to decide between this new friendship or doing what’s best for Phillis’s health and well-being.

The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group was created in June 2020 to serve as a workshop space to reignite creativity and foster the artistic process within the comfort of the Adelphi Alumni community. It is our hope that engaging in active conversations about change will allow us to respond to the now with artistry, responsibility, and empathy.

Producer/Literary Manager Megan Lohne, Resident Director/Digital Architect Brittany Mills, Stage Management Team Samantha Stone and Meg Rosenberg Digital Designer/Artist Laura Ryan

Each new play reading will be streamed live on the AAPG’s Youtube Channel.

For more information on how to attend please reach out to or visit

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