Date & Time: April 23–25, 2021 7:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Virtual

Members of the Adelphi community are invited to join the Alumni Playwrights Group Spring Fever reading series, a virtual play reading festival featuring 12 brand new works from our company members.

Join us in April and May for 3 weekends of a diverse array of full-length pieces that have been in development over the past year. Our lineup features shows ranging from a reimagined Hansel & Gretel, the rehearsal process of a college production of Virginia Woolf gone awry, a family torn to pieces by a series of slowly uncovered secrets, to an interactive reality science competition featuring alternate endings and voting, AAPG leaves no subject left unexplored.

The weekend of April 23-25 will feature:

Still Waters Run Deep by Jess Kreisler, Directed by Maggie Lally   

Friday, April 23rd at 7pm
Still Waters Run Deep is the horror story of the monsters anyone would fear the most; roommates. Trapped in their apartment bathroom by continuous unfortunate circumstances, Laurie, Nancy and Sidney are stuck looking in a mirror with nothing but their true selves and family lives to reflect on. Intimately squeezed into this small space with nowhere to run or hide, these girls reveal the truth under the masks they wear and wait for the answer: Where is Michael?

Like Other Girls by Stephanie Jay Gajeski, Directed by Brittany Mills

Saturday, April 24th at 2pm
Following Emily and Daniel, a dysfunctional engaged couple, Angie, Daniel’s young, attractive, neighbor, and Jack, a toxic guy friend (and ex-boyfriend) that’s always around, “Like Other Girls” touches on gaslighting, insecurity, internalized misogyny, competition amongst women, and determining what we will accept as love. We follow this group as Emily is pushed to her breaking point. There, she is forced to deal with her issues face to face, instead of pretending that everything is okay, and the realization that she doesn’t need to be dependent on others for her own happiness.

The Great American Science Fair by Megan Lohne, Directed by Daniel Ciba

Saturday, April 24th at 7pm
Eight female scientists are brought on to the reality show The Great American Science Fair, competing in a series of experiments to please the American public over the course of a few days in the hopes that they will win the million-dollar prize to further fund their research. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, you, The Great American Science Fair is an interactive glimpse into the gender-biased world of science through the gentle and palatable gaze of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, reality television. Every performance will have an ending based on audience votes so it will be an experience you can live again and again.

Proportions by Rae Bartolai, Directed by Joanna Georghiou

Sunday, April 25th at 2pm
Gina and Abigail are a pair of friends with a huge amount of history between them. Both women have their fair share of relationship issues. Gina’s seemingly perfect life seems to be teetering on the edge of disaster. Abigail’s love life, up until recently, has been a revolving door of partners. As Gina stresses out over the aftermath of an almost divorce with husband Joe, she unwittingly unleashes a series of conversations that really have her examining herself. Abigail seems to be reluctant to help Gina this time around, she has her own relationship to nurture with new girlfriend Dora and honestly is just exhausted by Gina’s self-centered ways. There is much to be unearthed between this duo, it can either make or break them.

The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group was created in June 2020 to serve as a workshop space to reignite creativity and foster the artistic process within the comfort of the Adelphi Alumni community. It is our hope that engaging in active conversations about change will allow us to respond to the now with artistry, responsibility, and empathy.

Producer/Literary Manager Megan Lohne, Resident Director/Digital Architect Brittany Mills,
Stage Management Team Samantha Stone and Meg Rosenberg Digital Designer/Artist Laura Ryan

Each new play reading will be streamed live on the AAPG’s Youtube Channel.

For more information on how to attend please reach out to or visit

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