Date & Time: May 7, 2022 2:00pm
Location: Black Box Theatre, Performing Arts Center

Written by current student Fernando Mercado, this play is about the struggle to survive when you’re split between the reality where we all coexist, and the reality in your mind.

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Written by Fernando Mercado
Directed by Lauren DeLeon

A Rose Meant to Wither is an exploration of loss and grief through the lenses of someone who experiences severe mental illness. Heather must find her footing when the man she loves comes back to her from the dead. She must navigate through tainted memories and more than real hallucinations as she struggles to find who she is among the scattered fragments of her psyche. It is a story about hope, about fear, and about love. Most of all, it is about the struggle many have to stay alive when you’re split between the reality we coexist in, and the reality in your mind, with both in constant war with each other.


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