Date & Time: November 14, 2022 4:30pm
Location: Virtual

In this talk, Mónica Mayer will present some of her long-term feminist art projects.

Some of these works include The Clothesline (1978-2022), Raya: art crit, chronicles and debates in the visual arts (1991-2016), Archiva: feminist master works of art (2012-2021), Abducter Motherhoods (2012-2019) and I Don’t Celebrate or Commemorate Wars (2008- 2019).

Monica Mayer Foto Yuruen Lerma 2020

Mónica Mayer is interested in organizing long-term art projects in which art, activism and pedagogy intertwine. Mayer loves it when projects are collaborative in nature, horizontal and they include the voice of the audience. Since she is interested in long-term change, many projects also have to do with archives.

View the catalogue to one of these major exhibitions, which is in Spanish and English.

For those who speak Spanish, these are Mónica Mayer’s websites:

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