Date & Time: February 19 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: Virtual

NahShon Jackson who is serving as Director of Community Outreach for Network Support Services, Inc. will speak of the program he works at, his life experience, and how he aims to inspire social change and make a difference in so many lives.

As a participant in the Network Program at Otisville Correctional Facility, NahShon Jackson experienced two years of being in a safe place that allowed for the confrontation of mistakes and the acceptance of responsibility for life. Although NahShon’s positive change did not originate with Network, the program provided a space to set goals and practice behaviors conducive to successful living upon release and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. This transformative process, facilitated by Network, involved examining attitudes and values and learning to cope with stress.


NahShon Jackson

Man speaking through megaphone while standing on a podium that has a New York State Senate logo on it

NahShon Jackson serves as the Director of Community Outreach for Network Support Services, Inc. Since his release from prison in May 2017, NahShon has been employed by Network and established its first Office of Community Outreach. The Office of Community Outreach has provided services to over 1000 justice-impacted individuals, including employment, job training, housing, resume writing, legal advice, and general counseling, including life coaching.

NahShon has cultivated meaningful partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations, and schools like Adelphi University, aimed at providing unlimited resources to justice-impacted individuals to aid in their resettlement and community reintegration. On January 18, 2023, the New York State Assembly recognized NahShon Jackson as a pillar in the community, providing necessary re-entry services and support to empower the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated in returning home.

Resources and Awards

  • 1/18/2023 NYS Assembly Citation issued by Assemblywoman Emily E. Gallagher
  • HIPPA Training
  • KORU Mindfulness

Sponsored by Artivism: The Power of Art for Social Transformation. 

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