Date & Time: March 20–22, 2020 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: New York City, New York, United States of America

Are Your Students Prepared for Career Success After Graduation?
Over the next few weeks, students who are currently seniors on campus will be graduating from college will hopes of landing an awesome job while juniors and sophomores will be searching for a summer job or internship that they can use to prepare them for career success after graduation.
Both professional accomplishments will benefit the college or university because seniors who successfully land a nice job after graduation will provide great value to the college and university, and the professional and leadership skills that juniors and sophomores develop from summer jobs and internships will enable them to bring more value to the campus community the following year as student leaders.

To ensure that seniors, juniors, and sophomores are fully prepared to attain professional success after graduation and provide value to their respected campus communities as student leaders, the Circle of Change Leadership Conference is preparing to host the 2nd Annual New York City Circle of Change Leadership Conference at St. John’s University March 20-22, 2020.
The purpose of the New York City Circle of Change Leadership Conference is not only to help students discover the leader from within and to help them build the confidence and inspiration that is needed to lead and make a positive impact in the world, but more importantly, it’s to provide them with a leadership experience in the Spring that will help them land a job or internship in the summer, develop the professional skills necessary to attain career leadership success after graduation, and the leadership skills that will empower them to serve as better student leaders within their campus community the following months and year.
Four Year Schools and Two Year Schools that send their diverse group of students to the 2nd Annual New York City Circle of Change Leadership Conference will not only provide their students with an opportunity to develop a variety of leadership and professional skills that will enhance their future aspirations, but these same students will be able to network, connect, and learn from a diverse group of successful professionals from top tier organizations and companies within New York City.
To learn more about this transformational leadership experience for diverse groups of students that are looking to become better leaders within their campus community and attain career success after graduation, we encourage you to visit our conference website at

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